Credit cards are declined for many reasons. None of which is disclosed to the merchant (i.e. SHOOT). For a reason you would need to contact your card provider. Most common reasons are security breach where new credit card issued, member wants to use different card for whatever reason or card on file expires. Note: All SHOOTonline web pages are secure and we do not store credit card information on our servers. Our online merchant gateway is who handles our credit/debit card transaction clearing and data storage. And, our merchant services are provided by Bank of America.

If the issue is your card has expired, and nothing but expire date needs to be changed, you just need to EDIT it to update the expire date. If the issue is a new name, new cards, number, new security code you need to ADD the new card and set as default.

1. Log in at and in your MY MEMBERSHIP area click on the STORED CARDS tab. To UPDATE EXPIRE DATE of existing card click EDIT to the right of the card. To ADD a new card click on the green Add a card button.

2. If updating existing card, simply update expire date, check “Use as default…” and click UPDATE CARD button. (see #3 below to add new card)

Card ending in 0042 4

3. If ADDING NEW CARD (required when new name, new card number, new security code) click on green Add new card button, fill in the new credit card information, and choose “Use as default card….” if replacing old card. Click ADD CARD button and system will add your new card information at and request authorization of provided credit card information. This may take a minute and when complete you will see green box alerting you that “A new card has been added.” (See #4 below for final step and screenshot) .NOTE: If you are adding a new card for other reasons (i.e. managing multiple clients product purchases) you may not want this card to be your default card.

Add a card 2

4.  Now that your new card has been added you will see your old card (or another cards). Make sure the correct card is your “Default Card” as this is the card that is used for recurring membership billing and automatically used for product purchases unless you select a different card on file in your shopping cart. You can delete non-default cards if they are obsolete or no longer being used.

Stored cards 3

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