Yes. Currently, news and video publicity release Daily and Total Views* (click/open counts),  External Views counts** (Headline, Subhead, teaser/thumbnail image, and abstract), and Click Thru Rate (CTR)*** are gathered and reported. These counts can be seen by the release’s author by logging into your MY MEMBERSHIP admin area and clicking on the “My SPW Content” tab or visiting (must be logged in).  These analytics are found here under the “SPW Release View Counts” and “SPW Video View Counts” tabs. Total view count for posted video can be seen by anyone in the right hand corner of the published page in SHOOTonline’s Screenwork section.

*TOTAL PAGE VIEWS (Daily & Total clicks/opens) is a page request to load a release’s web page on SHOOTonline into a desktop or mobile device via a web browser to read entire release, see any images and/or video. A page request results from user clicking a link on another web page, email, etc (internal or external to SHOOTonline) pointing to your news or video publicity release’s web page. This should be contrasted with a “hit,” which refers to a request for any file from a web server. There would be many more hits per “page” view since an HTML “page” can be made up of multiple files (i.e. images, ads, icons, etc. on a single page). The TOTAL VIEWS (Clicks/Opens) column is sortable (asc or dsc) by clicking on the column label “Clicks/Opens”

**EXTERNAL VIEWS are impressions from your news or video release’s headline, teaser image, and abstract located on external web pages other than your release’s web page (i.e. SHOOT homepages, NewsRooms, Embed pages, search engines, SHOOT ePubs, social sites, emails, SMS, feeds, external posted links, etc) containing hyperlinks back to a news or video release. You could think of these impressions as “Micro Moments” when the most important part of your release’s news message is delivered to a user via the many various SPW distribution channels.

***CTR (OPEN RATE) or click-through rate is the ratio of users who view your release’s external abstract to the number of Total Views (users who click/open) your release’s web page gets on SHOOTonline. (CTR=Clicks/Impressions). This is reflected in a decimal percentage (to convert muliple decimal by 100 or move decimal point 2 positions to left) The purpose of CTR is to measure the ratio of clicks/opens to abstract impressions of a publicity release. Generally the higher the CTR (Open Rate) the more effective the headline, teaser image, and abstract has been at bringing people to a full release.

Source: EXTERNAL VIEWS counts provided by Google Analytics. All other counts made by

NOTE: NA in any of above mention counter columns means counts not available due to SPW CTR features was brought online on March 21, 2016 and any counts prior would not be accurate as a result.