For a weeks after the Entry deadline, entered work in the New Directors Search is reviewed by The Editors of SHOOT with input from agency and studio creatives & heads of production, as well as production company heads and established directors. After this review, SHOOT will notify, via email, everyone who entered whether or not he or she has been selected.  Those directors that have been selected will receive instructions on uploading an up-to-two-minute hi-res version of their selected work to be used on the final New Directors Showcase Reel.  While during the submission process up-to-five-minute excerpts of long form work should be entered, SHOOT must limit excerpts of long form work for the final reel to two minutes to keep the total reel running time to no more than an hour.  The final New Directors Showcase Reel will be screened at SHOOT’s New Directors Showcase Event and a web version of reel will be available for viewing on NDS.SHOOTonline for a full year. Click here to see last year’s reel.