SHOOT Newsrooms are custom curated embeddable lists of  headlines/abstracts/hyperlinks compiled from your selected  SPW Releases, Curated Content, and SHOOT Content for yourself, your company, or for a particular client(s). After the Newsroom list of content is compiled, a generated embed code snippet can then inserted (only need to do this once) on any HTML webpage on the internet (i.e. personal, company, client’s website NEWS page).  Then the SHOOT curated content list you created is reflected  on the webpage where the SHOOT embed code resides. Going forward, any new content you add or edit to your Newsroom(s) (or to the content itself  i.e. SPW release revision) will also be immediately reflected on any and all webpages where code snippet originally placed. MyNewsroom also provides an RSS feed URL which can be used instead of iframe code when not approperiate such as emailing using Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, etc. Note: PR|Agency level members (by invitation only) can create and manage a Newsrooms for each of your clients all in one place. Below is a screenshot of a MyNewsroom generated NEWS page on a MySHOOT profile. (Note: Page visitor would click on headline to read full story)NewsroomSample.