In general, all images are recommended  to be 652 pixels wide x 400 pixels high, RGB format at  72dpi min to 150dpi max resolution. Images smaller than this should NOT be scaled up but rather have additional background area added.

Release default Image (left of headline): 220px x 220px (wide logos should have white space above and below–should fix problems when SHOOT system automatically converts uploaded image styles for the flowing:  System created images default image for Teaser images which appear on SHOOT’s  front page will display at 99 pixels wide x 50 pixels high and on SPW home page Featured releases appear at 139px wide x 100px high

Slideshow Image Gallery on Releases: 652 pixels wide x 400 pixels high also RGB format at  72dpi min to 150dpi max resolution

Video Thumbnail/teaser image – Whether your uploading a YouTube/Vimeo video share link or and MPG4 file an thumbnail/teaser image is required. With a YouTube/Vimeo video share link the video poster* thumbnail is controlled and shown directly from your YouTube or Vimeo but you still need an image for your teaser abstract. When uploading MP4 file this image is used for both the video poster* and your teaser abstract.  652 pixels wide x 400 pixels high also RGB format at  72dpi min to 150dpi max resolution.  *video poster image is shown in SHOOT video player before user clicks “play” button.

Conceptually best to get a gallery image to landscape shape and default like hydrid of headshot (ie. portrait shape or landscape with background added right and left.

For good visual example of properly sized images in a release: CLICK HERE