Share Buttons
Share buttons help you to increase your stories’ reach by engaging with people who visit your webpage on SHOOT site and making it easy for them to share your story and/or work video with their connections by distributing it across multiple social networks and platforms (i.e. via email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Browser Bookmark, Pinterest Pin It, Delicious, and Scoop It) helping to drive new traffic to your story or video’s web page.

easiest way for people to host and share their videos in high quality. The site provides great privacy features and inspiring videos from a vibrant, respectful community of creative users who care about how and where they show their work.

  • Sharing Sidebar This simple tool is the easiest way to increase sharing of your web page on SHOOT site. It floats on the left side of all SHOOT site news, video and My SHOOT pages and easily allows visitors to share the page’s content across their social networks..
  • URL Sharing Links For sharing page URL link in emails, websites, mobile texts, etc.
  • Mobile Share Toolbar Specifically for optimal mobile user experience, the Mobile Toolbar helps to increases sharing and following from mobile visitors by floating at the the bottom of the mobile device screen.