We accept Vimeo & YouTube links as well as video file uploads (Mpeg 4 format) for work entry(s). So if your work is already up on Youtube and Vimeo, you can simply use those “share” links.* Either way, an uploaded thumbnail is required if you’re uploading or using YouTube or Vimeo links.

IMPORTANT: If you’re using a Vimeo or Youtube share links please double check privacy settings, in your account on those sites. If you have privacy settings ON, you need to do 1 or 2 things:

  1. Make sure you’ve entered the correct password in the Video Password field in the NDS Video Upload Form or;
  2. Grant permission to https://nds.shootonline.com domain in order for player to play your video on SHOOT site. Probably best to grant permission to nds.shootonline.com/*,  *.shootonline.com, shootonline.com/* as well so that player will play across all SHOOT’s platforms if and when the need arises.

If you’re going to upload a video, it needs to be and .mp4 file(s) and less less than 100MB. You can output them at a resolution of 640×480, which is fine for our review process. You can use SHOOT’s transcoder here: http://transcoder.SHOOTonline.com (simply upload your video file (any type) and SHOOT’s transcoder will process and download to your desktop an mp4 file and thumbnail)

After uploading a NDS Video Entry, you’ll receive a email, with a link to your video or you’ll find your video(s) listed under your “My NDS Entries” tab in your “My Membership” area when logged into at https://SHOOTonline.com. You can then either click on the thumbnail or the title of the video to see if it plays correctly.

No worries….. All entries are reviewed by SHOOT production staff to avoid any upload errors, missing information, corrupt files, etc. If we find anything wrong at our end, we will let you know within 24 to 48 hours via email or phone.

Later, and only if your work is selected for the Showcase, you’ll need to make a full high resolution HD version available for Showcase Reel screening on the DGA’s big screen.